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RxTro Solutions For Medical Professionals

RxTro - Simple, easy and in your control. You control how many industry appointments your clinic makes. The who, the when, and the how often.

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RxTro is the industry leader in connecting the life science industry with medical professionals

Create your Profile: Your digital 24/7 business card

Customers can search by your name, contact details, products and company to find you, instantly.

Access your validated customer list

We maintain an up to date validated list of clinics and doctor's so you don't have to.

Convenient 24/7 access to online Bookable Appointments

Search the doctor and clinic availability and book meetings from any internet enabled device. Access via the RxTro mobile app or te website portal.

Collaborate with your team

RxCampaign: Improve your customer experience

Capture requests generated from digital activities, online portals, email and fax channels. Route the opportunity to the correct place withing your organisation. Find out more

Appointment availability alerts:

Fast track your appointments. Be instantly notified of an appointment on your territory the moment it becomes available.

New Customer Alerts

Daily Alerts to customer changes on your territory. Grow your business faster with access to a up to date complete list of the customers within your area.

Intelligent Recommendations (AI)

Intelligent recommendations bring together three territory routes, your and an understanding of the availability with your key customers to streamline administration for your team and provide recommendations around the next best opportunity to book an appointment.

Centralised Administrator

A central administrator account that can:
• Territory Management
- Create and remove territories
- Load changes to territories that are occurring in the future
- Assign people to a territory
• User Management
• Email and Fax Campaign management

CRM Integration

Leads, appointments and optional data attributes feeding directly into your CRM for a complete view of the customer.

• The management of RxTro services and platform is provided to clinics and practices at no charge and no fees or consideration are given to participating clinics or practices.
• Appointments, availability and frequency are wholly and independently controlled by each participating practice.
• All subscription features are provided a service to facilitate direct 24/7 access to appointments with participating clinics and practices.

In 15 minutes you and your clinic can be experiencing the benefits of RxTro

Create a Profile

Make your contact preferences known to trade and industry in a centralised location and improve your customer experience. You nominate your preferences around face to face visits and remote based interactions.

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Trade and Industry Appointment Management

Making your trade and industry appointment available via RxTro is simple.
You are in control of the times, the frequency and which representatives can book.
• Users can only book one appointment at a time.
• Control your preferences, limit your availability to specific categories, companies, teams or reps.
• Make different times available for different categories of industry.

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Integration with Practice Management Software

The appointments that are made available via RxTro can automatically synchronise with your practice management software.

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Find representatives from trade and industry

Replace your book full of business cards with a quick and easy search for representatives by name, company and product.

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Automated notifications

Be automatically reminded of the details for any bookings that are made, requests placed or meeting attended.representatives by name, company and product.

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Request Starter Packs and Patient Support Materials

Place one request for multiple items across multiple products. RxTro automatically routes your request to your local representative from the company for that item.

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Educational Meetings

RxTro is the centralised industry platform to be notified about the latest webinars as well as face to face trade and industry events covering the latest advancements.

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