Our Mission

Maximising the effectiveness of healthcare and life sciences meetings to generate a positive impact on patient care

Collaboration between the life science industry and medical practitioners promotes better healthcare outcomes.
We replace old paper- and phone-based processes in the healthcare industry with a secure cloud-based digital platform.

Our Story

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

Despite its cliche nature, the saying accurately describes RxTro's creation.

Liam Butler, as a pharmaceutical sales representative, had immense industrial experience with not just toes but complete ‘feet’ into the water and knew all the challenges that came with it.

That motivated him to look for ways to enhance and enrich healthcare meetings and make it easier for both parties across the desk—the GPs, doctors, and life sciences professionals.

What came in handy was intuitive, cloud-based software that started as just an ‘appointment booking’ medium but has evolved into a giant of opportunities!

We now have thousands of medical and life science professionals to organise meetings and communicate with each day.

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